Writing Magnetic Business Copy – A Masterclass for Brilliant Digital Content

When was the last time a piece of content stopped you mid-scroll?

Long enough to hold your attention right to the last sentence? Because you felt seen or heard?
Like the writer deeply knew where you are in the waters of your life or your work or your business?

The world’s a noisy place for businesses right now.

LinkedIn “humbled” updates.
Oversubscribed inboxes.
The next TikTok trend.

AI’s here and it’s rapidly upending one industry after another. Turning the volume up with ChatGPT fuelled content, as our human attention and connection goes down.

How does your business find its place in this busy, distracted, overwhelmed sea of content?
How does your message stand out in a crowded market looking the other way?
How do your teams build the connections and relationships they need to thrive?

I work with leaders and businesses every day to help them share their mission, vision, and purpose authentically, with engaged audiences. Who listen. Who care.

And I can show you how to do that too.

Helping your brand cut through the flood of braggy content and bots, to bring exciting human voices and bright thinking to connect with your customers, partners, and colleagues. Words that make the whole place shimmer.

Introducing Magnetic Copy & Connection, a transformative, bespoke workshop designed to:

  1. Empower your people to find, trust and use their voices with clarity and confidence
  2. Identify the common creative blocks holding your team back and help them reconnect with their full potential as thought leaders. To think and play bigger sustainably
  3. Inspire your people to make time for writing consistently (without the “ugh I HAVE to post” overwhelm) resulting in more visibility and enhanced brand engagement to drive business growth.

What does a workshop look like?

These are bespoke half-day sessions, best experienced in-person, delivered in your offices or at a central location. They’re intimate, personal, and friendly and designed for up to 10 people.

Who will the workshop inspire and help?

  • Leadership teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • PR agencies
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Startups

What you’ll come away with

  1. A renewed understanding of why we write + revitalized writing practice
  2. Strategies to overcome common creative blocks that may be holding your team back
  3. Clarity on your authentic, human voice and tone. And the confidence to use it
  4. The magic in your message
  5. Business storytelling techniques that foster genuine emotional connection
  6. Insights into your readers and their world, allowing you to build meaningful engagement
  7. Techniques to generate creative ideas in your everyday work
  8. How to grow your audience and brand recognition
  9. How to hone your writer’s craft box – from power moves for great copy (concise, powerful language) through to fast editing tips
  10. The foundations of a creative writing for business practice that lasts

To find out more and explore a workshop transform your brand’s voice, please email antonia@antoniataylorpr.com

“Antonia is amazing to work with. She understood the brief immediately and delivered! The writing workshop was engaging, thought provoking, and motivated us to be more confident in our digital content writing. Antonia ensured that the workshop compromised a handful of interactive and suitable exercises using real life examples. We felt like we walked away with a range of learnings to put into action. We’ve already booked in a second workshop for another team!”

Margot-Tomkinson-Smith, Head of Communications at The Berkshire LEP

“Antonia’s digital writing workshop hit just the right note of strategy, copywriting tips and creative inspiration for our marketing and product teams. Empowering our people with writing confidence on the page – whether that’s for web copy or our social media – has been a priority for us for a while now. Antonia’s workshop reminds you of the power of honesty, empathy, and connection – and how when you use that in your writing, how it can transform your brand. ”

Jana Saunders, Head of Brand and Customer Experience, BakedIn