How to write a magnetic About Me page

Almost without fail, when I start working with a new founder, CEO or business leader, the first thing they ask me to do is “sort out their bio”,  their profile or their About Me Page.

Why? Because writing about yourself is hard. But how you talk about yourself matters.It builds authority, trust and credibility as you start a conversation and build lasting relationships. 

And PS? It's the second most visited page on your website after your homepage.

Here’s the secret. We’re coming to this wrong. Your About Me is not another place for your CV to sit. Or for you tell the world about your hobbies.  

It’s about how you show empathy and affinity with your audience – your clients, teams and partners.

 And, it’s not about you.

Your About Me page is your chance to show your customer how much you get them, how you inhabit their world, their pain points, and their desires. 

This worksheet will walk you through the steps you need to take to share:

  • The problems you solve for customers
  • The value you bring you audience 
  • Your backstory + unique perspective as a thought leader
  • Fun facts + relatable insights (crunchy peanut butter or smooth?)
  • Your call to action 

The good news is, once you’ve nailed this, it can become a brilliant marketing magnet - on your website, your LinkedIn profile and your marketing collateral. It’s worth getting right.

I hope you enjoy this and as always, if you need a steer on this one, get in touch.

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How to write a magnetic About Me page
How to write a magnetic About Me page

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