“People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories and magic.”

Seth Godin

Your story matters. Yes, you there, thinking your brand’s story’s not big enough.
As human beings we have a basic need to be seen and understood. Storytelling is essential to connection. Especially in business.

Your brand story is how you engage your audience, create emotional connection, inspire action.

It’s how you create more impact with your business. How do you get there?

Welcome to your Brand Story Playbook.

Your Brand Story Playbook is a tailored package that develops a next-level content strategy. We use the core pillars of storytelling, thought leadership and audience building to share the essence of your business:

Brand positioning
your big idea, values + vision

Thought leadership platforms
to showcase your expertise + set a foundations for…

Your story framework
wrapped up with a sequence of authentic micro stories to power your content

Here’s the secret

The closer we are to your brand story, the better we understand how it relates to your customers. What they want, what they care about, why they’ll choose you.

The map of your story starts with your customers.    

What you come away with

Your Brand Story Playbook helps you get clear on how to talk about your business – in your digital marketing, across social media, your PR activity, your networks + community AND in sales conversations.

It includes:

  • A strategic workshop to dive deep into your brand story (some clients call this business therapy)
  • A Brand Story Playbook packed with key your story, messages + content pillars
  • A content plan to activate your brand story

Who it’s for

Startups, founders, creative entrepreneurs, SMEs, marketing teams + personal brands looking to:

  • Re- define a clear business’ story in the post CV-19 world
  • Create a content strategy that powers customer relationships
  • Become an industry expert + amplify your thought leadership with reach + resonance
  • Develop a brand strategy that super-charges your sales goals
  • All of the above

Ready to start?

I always love to chat. Do get in touch for a 15 minute discovery session to see how the Brand Story Playbook can change your business.

“I came to Antonia wanting to relaunch myself, having sold my last business. Antonia was brilliant at understanding my new brand and crafting it into something relevant and modern. She quickly and incisively picked out my key messages, giving me so much more clarity around what I should be talking about across all my comms platforms. Plus she put it all together in an engaging and accessible way. I now have a playbook I can easily turn to whenever I need content reminders – invaluable.”

Phanella Fine, Executive Coach & Therapist