PR is no longer just PR. Today, businesses need a creative 360-degree comms strategy to connect with their audiences authentically. Since starting out in London agency life, in the days of faxes and long lunches, I’ve created a lane to help fast-growth SMEs share their message and establish brand position. My sweet spot? Tech, professional services and scaling start-ups.

Great brands can create positive change – through a modern approach to storytelling, strategic thinking and brand-building. Infusing personality and resonance into B2B comms is how we create the rapport, trust and connection that grows your business.

I care wholeheartedly about PR’s impact. I started Antonia Taylor PR so stay front-line for my clients, building relationships that endure, when the pitch is won and the ink’s dry. Full disclosure: being at home more for my family – attached to my laptop and working all hours, in between hugs, ballet and football training – also matters to me.

Working flexibly, I bring in resource from industry peers for your changing business needs; PR success is grounded in working as an extension of your team. Do get in touch if you’re looking to raise your business profile, through stories that inspire and engage your clients, teams and influencers.

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