Newsletters and PR trends

Two – ok, you’ve got me, it was three – years ago, I attended an online marketing workshop – friends and colleagues know I invest a LOT in learning. Meeting new people, drinking coffee, and getting all fired up with ideas. Completely my bag. Wrapping up, the event organiser, a hugely successful content marketer, invited the group to write out a big goal for the following quarter. In my best caffeine-rushed handwriting, I committed to launching an email newsletter.

And when the beautifully branded pale pink postcard arrived in the post three months later, I popped it into my desk drawer. Where it gathered dust for a season, and then another, beneath notebooks and excuses. I was so busy faffing about with non-starter opt-in ideas and pin-balling between GDPR, let alone the hours I HAD to spend understanding more about Instagram (see: diversion scrolling).

And then I got bored of the drift – you know, when this week, becomes next week, becomes next month… And frustrated with myself for not sharing the fresh perspectives and thoughtfully curated ideas I had piling up with my community. For missing out on longer, juicier conversations with my clients. For working hard to build engagement on platforms that could disappear overnight, knowing email’s here to stay.

They say doing what you say you’ll do is the secret of success. It’s in this spirit that I’ll be coming to you with a short article on building trust, brand communication and creating engagement and connection with your audience. It’s also called PR. I’ll be unpacking how your B2B business can successfully set the agenda through thought leadership, share your brand purpose and create affinity with your customers.  And what this means to your bottom line.


  • How to evolve your PR strategy with your business
  • Powering your digital marketing through PR
  • Why your B2B brand needs storytelling

As SME leaders, CMOs, heads of marketing, we know the conversation around communications and engagement is changing – and that PR is no longer just PR. It goes way, way beyond the press releases. Looking to attract next stage funding? Seeking new ways to drive inbound traffic? Build out your employer brand? PR is a business discipline that plays into every area of your business –sales and marketing, brand and HR.

Looking ahead at incoming PR trends for fast-growth ambitious businesses like yours, here’s what I’m seeing:

  1. Businesses have the opportunity to create change
    Purpose driven businesses have the ability to drive change and positive impact – the belief driven consumer becomes the belief driven buyer in a B2B context. So, your business needs to be prepared to stand for something. And communicate that.
  2. PR and social go hand in hand
    There’s no such thing as PR without social – we’re in the age of peak influencer brand after all. And your PR needs to work in sync with your social – and vice versa – ensuring they keep your brand’s DNA at the centre of your comms, sharing the same story, message and tone.
  3. The core of “traditional PR” wins
    The true essence of public relations is still about getting your message across to your audience. It’s establishing your brand position and importantly, communicating honestly, to build trust and affinity with clients, your people, your community. I don’t mean pushing out another press release here. At its core, PR is about having relationships – creating the emotional context, expert proof and excitement that will make customers connect with your business.

I’m starting out with a monthly edit because, you know, leopards, spots and all that. If you’re curious about the future of comms or looking to understand how PR can work for your business, you can sign up by using the form in the footer.

I might even send you a postcard 😉