Elevate – a brand story

I’d love to quickly tell you a story of a brand that started out with two friends going for a walk on a summer’s day.  Helen had the idea of collaborating on an event idea. We chatted, plotted, side-tracked into a field to take Instagram pictures…the usual.

Within a week, this sparky conversation had evolved into a brand with a clear purpose and identity. A brand fuelled by excited chats, extremely patient designers and two A-types discussing the finer points of a certain font size and particular shade of red. We’re thrilled to introduce Elevate.

Events for creatives

Developing our vision for Elevate, we tapped into how investing in community and connection has been the magic ingredient helping us both raise our games. Helen has relaunched her career and quickly established a reputation as a content creator with incredible vision (side-note – I’m very proud of her). For me, it’s meant I can build my value and authority in my space, and evolve my proposition to have more impact on clients’ businesses.

Events and workshops have meant we’ve developed new skills, forged collaborations and made game-changing friendships. They’ve also nudged us out of lonely spots, comfort zones and when needed, getting over ourselves

Elevate is an events series designed to help you go deeper into your brand, lift your ideas and re-energise you through creative conversations. Lots of them. We’re pulling together the elements of what we, as creative business owners, want when we invest in this way.

Elevate your brand

As creative business owners, we know too well the reality of doing all the things. Of constantly showing up in our work, but not always moving forwards. We want to help this shift.

We’re picturing quarterly events, and drawing on a pool of brilliant experts to completely take your business, brand and you, as the driving force behind it all, forward. Helen and I will deliver little talks too – Helen sharing her Instagram super-skills, me on profile raising, storytelling, and getting ok with being the face of your brand.

We want you to go away with a clear idea of what’s next for you:

  • A bigger vision for your business, brand or career
  • A stash of fresh and utterly actionable tools to enhance your work
  • New friendships and inspiration from like- minded creatives

Elevate is a day for you to have talking time and thinking time. Doing time – jotting down those next steps and making sure you make them happen when you get home. Coffee, cake and a small group of creatives will absolutely foster a memorable space for you to do all that

For me, elevate is a word that resonates. It whispers in my ear and moves to think up a way to suggest a new approach for a client, refine a pitch to a journalist so it’s as close to brilliant as it can be, make sure an article I’ve written is infused with energy and verve. It honestly sits at the heart of this new project and we’re so excited you’re a part of this.