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Running your own race + taking time to dream - a blogging masterclass

Two weeks ago today, I packed up my laptop and headed down to beautiful Stockbridge for Online Stylist Amanda Start and Laura Turner, founder of Hero Stockbridge, Laura Turner's advanced blogging workshop.

What’s a B2B PR doing attending a lifestyle blogging session? Blogging is blogging.  It’s about sharing your expertise, finding your voice, being relatable, bringing a coaching mindset and speaking to your audience’s desires.  I’m also a firm believer in stepping out of our own little worlds to open ourselves up more. That’s a note to myself, by the way.

Somewhere between a blogging mastermind and life coaching session, Amanda and Laura truly opened up their worlds to us.  Amanda shared how she transitioned a passion-project into an aspirational career becoming the Online Stylist (“I’m there,” she said, “I don’t want to be bigger – I love where I am”) while Laura has launched an incredible lifestyle shop ( and just announced her second!) from her blog.

It’s such a cliché to say “I can’t capture it all here” but in this case, it’s so true. Affiliate marketing, media kits, working with brands – they’re posts for another day. For now, I’ve pulled out the key take-aways that will help elevate my blogging game – and yours too, I hope! 

Hope you found these tips as useful as I did! As always, email me with any feedback See you next week x 

Photo credits to Hero Stockbridge


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