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How to mastermind a game changing event

Talk about the talk of the town. Nearly two months on, the 50 Game Changers in the Thames Valley 2017 launch is still creating a buzz. Thank you for all your super-positive feedback.  I’ve also been asked what the secret is to producing an event with a reach beyond its (super-trendy) walls.

Create a narrative

The 50 Game Changers event has a purpose beyond celebrating the coming together of the region’s digital and tech pioneers.  It’s part of a long-term programme that supports ConnectTVT founder Louize Clarke’s mission to raise the Thames Valley’s profile on the tech cluster map. We’re creating a narrative that amplifies our Game Changers’ stories and gives them a voice. It’s also a call to action for the region – and beyond - to get on board. 


2017 was about elevating the Game Changer brand. Partners like Oracle and EY came on board to support the vision. Collaborating with Landid Property ensured we had access to quite literally, the best space in the region - Roost@Thames Tower.  At the same time, our partners shared the event across their networks, to drive even more publicity.

Build a community

The 50 Game Changers are a new pillar of business. Creating purpose-led, ethical and impactful businesses is as important as the bottom line. From brand new start-ups through to our first alumni, Sage People, these like-minded businesses identify with and relate to each other, building a new eco-system through joint ventures, projects and partnerships. We champion this through everything we do.

Create desire

The Game Changers launch was not about bums on seats. By ring-fencing attendees to Game Changers, ConnectTVT stakeholders and community champions, it protected the event from becoming a sales opportunity.  It makes for a trusted, open and authentic event where people can connect on a level playing field. And an event people want to return to.

Be authentic

50 Game Changers blew people away because there’s no event like it.  Access to senior leaders from the region’s fastest growing businesses as well as entrepreneurs? That levels out the playing field for corporates and start-ups? Where you can network and make friends in equal measure? All of the above and more. Staying true to what you want your event to achieve is what creates that genuine difference and talk-ability.

Invest in your crew

Awesome events need a great crew. From design, social media, photography, and maybe a little bit of PR…Louize pulled together a talented, trusted team to make her event stand out and sparkle. Investing in this way – from publicity through to canapes - raised the calibre and staying power of the event. And should potentially keep us going till next year…

If you’d like to talk about how to mastermind your next event, please do get in touch. 

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