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5 reasons your PR strategy needs events

The last couple of years has seen the rebirth of a vital PR ingredient - the event.  Social media has effectively driven the nedd for us to be more social - taking online relationships and networking off-line to build IRL connections.

We're seeing brands pushing the boundaries in creating that immersive experience to bring customers closer to their business. The event has re-emerged as a powerful platform for brands and influencers alike. Here’s why I’m recommending my clients build events into their PR programmes:

1. Events uplevel your content marketing

Running an event opens up the opportunity to create authentic, original and thought-led content to build your brand – before and after the event.  Got a great speaker?  Share it.  New research to announce?  Mine it. Events also work across every channel – from Twitter and Insta Stories through to LinkedIn - providing video and awesome visuals for your content strategy.

2. Events are a great PR hook

Yes, getting coverage for an event can be tough- journalists don’t consider events news in their own right.  Building an event into your brand story, making it clear what makes your event interesting helps you create a point of difference. It’s also a good intro for journalists you may not have spoken to before.  This piece on Reading’s Start Up Grind worked wonders for driving up registrations too.

3. Events define your customer experience

Events are a way to become emotionally engaged; your audience wants to be changed in some way, have the opportunity to learn and come away better.  Customers and prospects get to feel first-hand how it feels to work with you, be part of your world. It’s how they create that affinity with your business and become those super-fans.  My client Risk Decisions invests heavily in designing events to bring together core customers and experts to share insights, and bring to life how they work.  

4. Events build a community

PR is so much more than media relations. It’s about influencing behaviours to create real outcomes.  Valuable events have lifespans that go way beyond the event itself; people connect with speakers, other guests and develop that sense of community. Last year, together with my partner in crime, Louize Clarke, we launched the Reading chapter of  Glug. Based around a series of talks with industry leaders and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well attended creative events around.  The always sold-out event, has brought together a community, connected likeminded people and sparked new relationships.  PR in action. Find out what happened when we launched @GlugReading here

5. Events build reputation

Highlighting Louize again, she placed events at the centre of Grow@GreenPark's brand communications.  From Startup Grinds through to ConnectTVT’s flagship 50 Game Changers in the Thames Valley, the bar has been set in terms of quality and attracting the right kind of person. Understanding what her start-up, scale-up and entrepreneurial community needs - to learn, grow and connect - Louize has designed events that bring value, that people get excited about and talk about. As they say, reputation is what people say when you leave the room . 

Can you really beat the power of a face-to-face connection?  Events are a way for your business to show its personal and social values together.  Why wouldn't you build them into your PR?

To explore how events can help your brand, please do get in touch. 

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