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5 need-to-know media for Reading businesses

This post isn’t about the avalanche of change that’s blitzed regional news in the last decade.* The fall in classified or print advertising revenues, the future of journalism or how the likes of Facebook and Google have given businesses a direct route to customers.  It’s about how regional media still has a place in this transformed landscape.  The emergence of hyper-local titles across the country shows the current appetite for community-focused news and content. 

Working closely with ambitious businesses in the Thames Valley and London, my clients 100% recognise the need to connect directly with their local customers, partners and suppliers. They see the value in local engagement as a business leader, an employer and stakeholder in their community.  But with stripped back resources and limited journalist bandwidth, the challenge is focusing your PR efforts effectively.

Here’s a short-list of the need-to-know media your Reading business needs to engage with and some little tips on how:

The dedicated business section covers key economic developments and news as well as events.  Think beyond the press release. As Get Reading’s Francesca Perryman explains, “Video is the way forward - anything that encourages engagement. Adding that extra element to a story, pictures, polls or Facebook live, will really help.”

GetReading’s editorial team is super-active on social media so extend your story’s reach this way too.

If you’d like to have a quick chat about raising your business’ local, regional or national profile, do get in touch.

*That’s not to say that post isn’t coming. It’s a topic I care about. A. Lot. I remember when the Reading Chronicle had a dedicated business section led by the legendary Alan Bunce.

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