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Changing the game - a story of collaboration

Collaborating with Louize Clarke through ConnectTVT and GROW@GreenPark has been a total game-changer for me. I’ve spent my career helping start-ups and SMEs grow through PR. When I found GROW@GreenPark, I knew I had to get involved. As a Reading girl – and someone growing their own business here - I could see how much we needed this new hub to re-energise our start-up eco-system…as once again, I got on the train to meet start-up clients in Google Campus.

As luck would have it, Louize and I were connected by a mutual colleague on the same day.  As part of the ConnectTVT team, I haven’t looked back. Here is a brand with purpose - to create a brave new world in the Thames Valley.  The region is bursting with potential.  And yet the common theme – which has emerged throughout this 50 Game Changers project – was nobody was joining those dots to create that collective voice for the region.    

What’s been the intention? We wanted to bring about a new conversation, build a new environment, set the tone that opens up a new way of doing things.   Through GROW@GreenPark, Louize has built a space and a community where ideas and conversations turn into action.  The result? People have connected. Relationships forged.  Collaborations have come about. Businesses have launched and grown.

ConnectTVT has tapped into that tribe of change-makers, rule-breakers, and entrepreneurial spirits – many of whom are part of this 50 Game Changers project – to create this movement for change.  Bringing together forward-thinking, fast-growth businesses who truly want to invest in the region, to nurture and propel talent, creativity, businesses into the region and beyond.

Community support has been a major pillar so far.  With a vision to strengthen this through a rich events programme, ConnectTVT has transformed the scene locally, be it through the Festival of Digital Disruption, Google hang-outs or Tech Week. Bringing together corporates, scale-ups, start-ups, investors and schools, flagship events such as Grey Meets Green have translated ideas and mentoring into tangible results together with invaluable experience for everyone involved.

Glug has been a real highlight; I’m so proud to be a founding sponsor. Glug Reading’s success shows how ready we were as a creative community to come together in a new way.  To learn, to connect with incredible brands and inspirational leaders.  We’ve had incredible support from our sponsors too, who really believed in the potential of building a stronger creative community, creating more access to talent and encouraging the next generation of creative entrepreneurs to get out there.

Gandhi said “The future depends on what you do today.” I can’t think of anyone encapsulating this more than Louize through the ConnectTVT platform. Every day, there’s a new connection, a new idea, a new project that takes us all one step closer to what this almanac is all about – creating that brave new world for game-changers – for today and tomorrow. 

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